2017 Rates

The Menucha camp has continued to raise the rates that it charges our Bible School (WCBS) over the past few years. During that period of time, we did not pass on those rate increases to Bible School attendees. In order to compensate for the continual rate increases by the camp, we now find it necessary to increase the tuition rates.

We accept all major credit cards, checks or money orders. If your check or money order is from a non-US bank your tuition balance will be adjusted using currency exchange rates from our bank. However, you may be able to get a better exchange rate at your own bank and send US Funds. Wire transfers are even more expensive for us, so we discourage their use. Contact the registrar for details.

Please note: The rates below do not cover the entire cost of the Bible school. In order to encourage families to attend, we subsidize tuition for students and children as well as provide incentives for servers and teachers to volunteer their time. We rely on your generous donations to make up the shortfall. The current rate structure is still approximately $25 per person below what is needed to cover all expenses. Please consider including a donation with your payment to help offset this deficit.

  Dormitory Semi-Private Deluxe (2 Adult min.)
Adults $390 $490 $560
Students 13 and up $320 $360 (with adult) $390 (with adult)
Child 7 through 12 $160 $185 (with adult) $210 (with adult)
Child 2 through 6 no charge $65 (with adult) $80 (with adult)
Infant up to 24 mo. no charge no charge no charge

Other Rates and Credits

Tuition Assistance