2015 Adult Class Audio Files (mp3)

Brother Simon Dean : Class 1 - Read 'Mark' and Learn
Photo of Simon Dean    Monday: Amazed and Afraid (Slides)
  Tuesday: What Time is it? (Slides)
Wednesday: People Keeping (Slides)
 Thursday: On the Way (Slides)
   Friday: Back Into the Game (Slides)
Brother John Launchbury : Class 2 - The Spirit is Willing but the Flesh is Weak
Photo of John Launchbury    Monday: The Breath of Life (Slides)
  Tuesday: Contend With Man (Slides)
Wednesday: Walk in the Spirit (Slides)
 Thursday: I Made a Mighty Beast (Slides)
   Friday: God Manifested (Slides)
Brother Shawn Moynihan : Class 3 - Scenes of Discipleship: Lessons from the Twelve
Photo of Shawn Moynihan    Monday: You Follow Me (Slides)
  Tuesday: Who Do You Say That I Am? (Slides)
Wednesday: Will You Also Go Away? (Slides)
 Thursday: Is it I, Lord? (Slides)
   Friday: Feed My Sheep (Slides)
Brother Kyle Tucker: Sunday Memorial Service Exhortation: Sunodia - Partners on a Journey