2006 Adult Class Audio Files (mp3)

Brother Colin Badger: Exhortations for Wisdom: A Thematic Study of Proverbs
Photo of Colin Badger Class 1: Introduction to The Book of Proverbs & The Theme of Wisdom
Class 2: The Two Ladies of Proverbs
Class 3: For Kings By Kings
Class 4: The Fool, The Simple and The Sluggard
Class 5: The Master's Use of Proverbs
Brother Andrew Walker: The Risen Lord
Photo of Andrew Walker Class 1: He Is Risen
Class 2: In His Name
Class 3: Head Over All
Class 4: A Priest Forever
Class 5: And He Shall Reign
Brother Max Wickham: Marriage & Family Trials - Lessons From Scripture
Photo of Max Wickham Class 1: The First Family and Marriage
Class 2: Noah and Family
Class 3: Trials at Work
Class 4: When Blessings Are Trials
Class 5: Trial in the Ecclesial Family
Brother Joe Hill: Sunday Memorial Service Exhortation