2007 Adult Class Audio Files (mp3)

Brother Simon Dean: Power in Weakness (handouts A, B, C)
Photo of Simon Dean Class 1: Faces Towards Heaven
Class 2: Death is at Work in Us
Class 3: You Can Tell a Tree by its Fruit
Class 4: A Head in the Clouds and a Thorn in the Flesh
Class 5: Filling up What is Lacking in Christ's Afflictions
Brother Duncan Kenzie: Forgiveness and Reconcilliation (slides with notes)
Photo of Class 1: Basics of God's Forgiveness
Class 2: Forgiveness at the Core of God's Plan
Class 3: Forgiveness between People
Class 4: Forgiveness is Unconditional
Class 5: Transformation through Forgiveness
Brother Kyle Tucker: Fasting (slides)
Photo of Kyle Tucker Class 1: Overview of Fasting
Class 2: Spiritual Benefits of Fasting
Class 3: Medical Benefits of Fasting
Class 4: Fasting and Famine
Class 5: Nature of Trials
Brother Ray Riley: Sunday Memorial Service Exhortation