2009 Adult Class Audio Files (mp3)

Brother Mark Drabenstott: Get Rich! Lessons for Living In The Spiritual Economy
Photo of Mark Drabenstott Class 1: Get Rich - Toward God! (Slides)
Class 2: Spiritual Economics 101 (Slides)
Class 3: Invest in the Spiritual Economy (Slides)
Class 4: Manage Debt God's Way (Slides)
Class 5: Use Wealth Wisely (Slides)
Brother Bruce Parker: New Lessons from the Old Gospel
Photo of Bruce Parker Class 1: You can't remain the same person if you want to become a new person
Class 2: Breaking Bread
Class 3: Jesus and the Law
Class 4: The unexpected Third Law
Class 5: Discipleship
Brother Devon Walker: Jesus Is In The Saving Business
Photo of Devon Walker Class 1: Jesus is in the Saving Business
Class 2: As it was in the Days of Noah
Class 3: As it was in the Days of Lot
Class 4: As it was in the Days of the Judges
Class 5: God's Places of Refuge
4th Period Classes
Brother Dave Garnand: Faith in Love
Brother John Warner: A Tale of Two Cities, (Handout, Map, Diagram)
Panel Discussion: Tough Questions
Brother Ryan Eustis: Sunday Memorial Service Exhortation
Brother Mark Drabenstott - Evening Program: East of Eden (Slides)