2011 Adult Class Audio Files (mp3)

Brother Adrian Dangerfield: Living the New Covenant
Photo of Adrian Dangerfield Class 1: The Promise of His Rest (Slides)
Class 2: Born of the Spirit (Slides)
Class 3: A More Excellent Ministry (Slides)
Class 4: United with Him in His Resurrection (Slides)
Class 5: The Law of the Spirit of Life (Slides)
Brother Mark DiLiberto: Healing
Photo of Mark DiLiberto Class 1: Introduction
Class 2: Steps 1 - 4
Class 3: Steps 5 - 8
Class 4: Steps 9 - 12
Class 5: Application
Brother John Launchbury: The Transformed Mind
Photo of John Launchbury Class 1: Sin and the Poverty of Law
Class 2: Subject to Vanity (Handout - designed to be printed double-side and folded)
Class 3: Search Me and Know My Heart
Class 4: Crucified with Christ
Class 5: Faith Expressing Itself Through Love
Brother Randy Davenport: Sunday Memorial Service Exhortation What Have You Learned?
Brother Adrian Dangerfield: Tuesday Evening Talk The Middle East - What next? (Slides)
Brother Simeon Dondero: Wednesday Evening Devotional Duh!
Brother Joshua Dean: Thursday Evening Devotional The Blessings of Proximity