2014 Adult Class Audio Files (mp3)

Brother Adam Byrnes: Learning to Lean
Photo of Adam Byrnes Class 1: Belonging (Slides)
Class 2: Values (Slides)
Class 3: Meeting God (Slides)
Class 4: Wrestling (Slides)
Class 5: Learning to Lean (Slides)
Brother Kyle Tucker: Jesus
Photo of Kyle Tucker Class 1: The Word (Slides)
Class 2: The Holy Spirit (Slides)
Class 3: The King (Slides)
Class 4: The Life (Slides)
Class 5: The Sacrifice (Slides)
Brother Bruce Parker: The Parables, a Closer Look
Photo of Bruce Parker Class 1: What Have We Missed? (Slides) (Handout)
Class 2: The Parable of the Sower (Slides) (Handout)
Class 3: Parable Groups and Kingdom Values (Slides)
Class 4: (Watch this Video first) Servant Parables (Slides)
Class 5: Seeing Jesus in Parable (Slides)
Brother Adam Brynes: Sunday Memorial Service Exhortation: East or West (Slides)(Reading: Psalm 103)
Brother Shawn Moynihan: Teusday Evening Talk: Think on These Things (Slides)